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We have spent years building working relationships with vendors, sub-contractors, realtors, city and county departments, financial institutions and title companies and with members of the community. We hope that you will find our resources as valuable as we do.

Concrete Links

Scofield Systems
Decorative Concrete Systems from L. M. Scofield Company transform ordinary concrete into extraordinary, beautiful and durable building materials. Our engineered systems address specialized requirements for interior, exterior and vertical uses with a compatible range of concrete coloring admixtures, concrete floor hardeners, colored cementitious toppings, underlay, concrete stains and stain enhancer, concrete curing agents, concrete sealers, concrete coatings, concrete repair products and concrete texturing tools, as well as comprehensive technical information and contractor training and training materials by the Scofield Institute.

Davis Colors
We do the dirty work. The main ingredient in our color additives is so strong, one tablespoon full can tint enough paint to cover most houses. We manufacture millions of pounds per year. You can imagine what our factories look like. But we love the stuff. We refine and process it, we mix and match colors, we pack it into disintegrating bags or seal it into pretty little boxes, we liquefy it, we even purefy it and spray it into tiny micro-granules that you can hardly see.
Concrete Products
Concrete Pumping
Home Building Links
Realtor office
Real Estate Agent
City of Anacortes
City of Oak Harbor
Island County
Skagit County Assessors Office
Skagit-Island Counties Building Association (S.I.C.B.A)
Tour of Homes
National Association of Home Builders (N.A.H.B)
Washington Builders Exchange
Home Buyer's Warranty
Home Interior Design
Building Supply Warehouse
Title Company